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Tuluminati is an artisan-made hat brand, with unique and exclusive designs, amongst other accessories. Committed with quality and handmade creations, by Mexican artisans. 
We seek to expand our brand to other countries and therefore take the history, quality, work, and expertise from México to the world. 
We are the new leaders, part of a select group that seeks to dominate the world with a new order based on love and spirituality. Residents of the Mayan land, looking to share our life’s philosophy and love for the world through a hat.
A hat made by Mexican hands, with which a person can relate to and create a sense of identity and safety.
Each hat is more than just an accessory, it holds a history and it is created with unique, artisan materials that come from our mother earth. 
Each detail is thought to convey the Tuluminati lifestyle. A being that seeks to share the message of love and spirituality in every step of its journey. No matter where that is in the world.
Our Values
•Passion •Mysticism •Loyalty •Originality •Respect •Honesty •Teamwork
•Love •Spirituality •Responsibility •Gratitude